Do the right thing. It's Self Evident.


Witness Confident is an independent charity that is taking a stand against a walk-on-by culture and works for a more enlightened Criminal Justice System. We launched focusing on the growing problem of street violence and resolved to identify ways  to refresh the Criminal Justice System so it better serves victims, witnesses and the wider public. In 2012 we launched an interactive map to enable the Met and Londoners to report, see and better understand street violence in the capital.  Throughout our work our approach has been that

  • victims will not report crime if they lack confidence in the police or the courts,
  • witnesses will not come forward if no steps are made to make them feel welcome, and
  • crime will not be deterred if the criminal justice system treats offenders with more respect than victims and witnesses.

Our goal is to reduce the levels of crime in and fear across society.

Witness Confident is a registered charity (no 1131106) and a limited company (no 6917476) in England & Wales.


Our director is Guy Dehn, who has a background in criminal law, consumer rights, whistleblowing and public policy.  Matt Hale leads the community engagement work, Geoff Tibbs is services manager and Evelyn Oakley handles the admin. Richard Groves, Martin Kolar and Matthew Mauger are the IT experts behind the Self Evident app.

Our trustees are Richard Barron (sociology), George Gross (defence solicitor), Andrea Parry (consultancy), Shonali Routray (regulation) and Anthony Heaton-Armstrong (chair and barrister & expert on witness evidence).


The Nuffield Foundation provided a three year start-up grant.  Other trusts who have funded this work include the Allen Lane Foundation, the Hilden Trust, the Wates Foundation and the Wyseliot Trust.  Individuals and organisations, including Google, provided welcome support. Thanks also to Mayer Brown who advise on intellectual property, privacy and corporate structures, Memset who host our website and Rufus Leonard who advise on our design and branding and incubate Just Evidence.