Do the right thing. It's Self Evident.

Doing the right thing

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to do the right thing. When independent witnesses speak up it can mean that a criminal pleads guilty, an innocent person goes free or a victim is spared the grief of reliving a traumatic experience in court. Because there are already enough barriers deterring people from doing the right thing when they witness crime, the app is designed to cut the grief in being a witness as we want the app to help break this cycle.

Easing the burdenReport Crime with Self Evident

We're also committed to making the experience less of a trial for the victims of crime and the app is a great way to give them more say and more confidence and to cut the hassle that puts so many off.  So the app has also been designed for victims of crime and any report and evidence they send to the police in England and Wales goes free.

From the community

The app was designed and developed in the community.  We believe in public services and believe that if they are to have public support, they should be designed to meet the legitimate and reasonable needs of the public who use them as well as those of the professionals who provide them.

As the Self Evident app has over 20,000 downloads and user satisfaction rates of 96%, it has won the attention of leading police forces and authorities. 

All the initial costs of the app to and since its launch in September 2013 have been met without any call on public funds.  As the app and service demonstrably help to reduce crime, cut red tape, save money and reconnect the police and public its future should be funded out of public funds, be it police or government budgets, in part because they need to feel some ownership of it before they will promote it. We welcome the support that the Mayor of London and the Sussex PCC, Katy Bourne, have provided for its hate crime features since October 2015.

For the community

As and when the costs of running and servicing Self Evident crime reports are met from public funds, any and all profit they generate will go to support anti-crime charitable work in the areas where reports were made. To find our more about this, please visit the Robert Peel Trust.